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  • How do I get to Galiano Island?
    By ferry! Follow the link below to see routes, schedules and rates. When possible, we highly recommend making a reservation as travel is not always guaranteed without, particularily during holidays.
  • Where can I stay on Galiano Island?
    If you like stunning sunsets, wandering forest paths, and waking up to the sound of sheep (and maybe a rooster) this is the place for you!
  • What is there to do on Galiano Island?
    Check out the site below for everything you need to know;
  • Can I order your artwork online?
    We are working on it! In the meantime, if you see something you like, get in touch and we can chat about making it happen.
  • What is your return policy?
    No returns.
  • Do you ship your artwork?
    We can help organise shipment at your own expense however the post office will not offer insurance so if you chose this option it will be at your own risk and we do not offer returns or refunds should something be damaged.
  • Is your work microwave/dishwasher safe?
    Some work is functional, some is just meant to be art. There should be a sticker on the bottom letting you know if it is safe, but feel free to ask if you are not sure!
  • Is it safe to eat off?
    Depends on the piece. There should be a stamp on the bottom but just ask if you are not sure!
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