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Marcia DeVicque Glassworks

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Forest Garden

My Story

My Glassworks draw together my changing life with the constancy of the seasons. The colours and forms of my heart reflect my connection to the natural order. Forever seeking the harmony found in the blending of light and colour…


Early on in my life I learned that art is the only way to run away without leaving home. As a single mother of 5 young children my glasswork and garden were my ties to sanity. Late in the evenings when they finally slept, I drew…In an effort to survive economically everything I ever pursued took on a new energy…30 years ago I began to teach and explore my passion with glass with a new perspective. Largely self-taught, I immersed myself in glass - cold (stained glass, hot (blown) and finally warm (fused). Reaching towards an image and proceeding doggedly until it becomes clear…I revel in the beauty of the West Coast and find constant inspiration within the rock forms, water and trees of the Gulf Islands. I constantly say that I am in a love affair with glass and forever try to share that with people. Life changes, my children have grown, I have grandchildren, I share my life with a gentle man and the struggles of early years fade.


For the past 22 years I have worked almost exclusively with kiln fired warm glass, fusing slumping and casting the glass. Some pieces are then painted and fired with 24 kt gold or platinum and refired. Each time I crack open the kiln I teeter on that wonderful abyss between fear and excitement - only different by one word, “Oh no!” or “Oh boy!”…


In 2004 I moved my studio and opened a gallery on Galiano Island…in the midst of the rainforest and the peaceful solitude of the island my work continues to transform. Working with various metal and wood workers I am delighted with the marriage between glass and iron and wood. 


With an open studio gallery we see visitors from all over the world that share their lives openly. I am open to the critic of their world and revel in how others view and receive my work.  


I live in paradise, I do what I want to do and I meet folks from all over the world.


I am truly blessed.



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